Rogues live by subterfuge and guile alone.

Rogue Training

Rogues gain a + 3 bonus on Reflex Saves. In addition, Rogues gain a + 1d6 bonus on all damage caused while Sneaking, with an additional + 1d6 bonus at 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter.

Starting Feats

  • Armor Training (Light)
  • Weapon Training (One-Handed Weapons)
  • Weapon Training (Bows and Slings)
  • Weapon Training (Thrown)

Leveling Up (Rogue)

The following chart describes level dependent benefits:

Level Ability
1 Rogue Feat
2 Evasion
3 Rogue Feat
4 Uncanny Dodge
5 Rogue Feat
6 Rogue Feat
7 Rogue Feat
8 Rogue Feat
9 Rogue Feat
10 Rogue Feat

Evasion: If the Rogue succeeds on a Reflex Save which would normally do half-damage such as from explosions or area-effecting spells, she instead takes no damage. Can only be used if the Rogue is wearing no armor or light armor and is not immobilized.
Uncanny Dodge: The Rogue cannot be considered flat-footed, even against invisible foes. Likewise, she cannot be flanked. She is thus immune to Backstab and Sneak Attacks.


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