Mages train in the Schools of magic.

Mage Training

Mage knows two Schools of Magic at first level. He learns an additional School every two levels thereafter. He gains a + 3 bonus on Will Saves.

Starting Feats

Leveling Up (Mage)

The following chart describes level dependent benefits:

Level Ability
1 Arcane Focus, Mana Pool
2 Mage Feat
4 Mage Feat
6 Mage Feat
8 Mage Feat
10 Mage Feat
  • Arcane Focus: At 1st level, the Mage obtains a focus for his magic. This can take the form of a familiar or a bonded object. The familiar is a creature with which he shares a special bond. A bonded object (amulet, ring, staff, wand, or weapon). Familiars must be within Close Range of the Mage, while the bonded object must be worn (in case of clothing) or wielded (in case of staves, wands, weapons) to grant the Mage focus. The Arcane Focus grants a + 1 bonus on all Spellcraft checks made to cast spells. It costs (Mage Level x 100) gp to replace a destroyed Focus. A Mage can only have one Arcane Focus at a time.
  • Mana Pool At 1st level, the Mage increases her Magic Points by 1. She adds her Mage level to her Magic Points every level thereafter.


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