Fighters are trained in the art of warfare.

Fighter Training

Fighters begin play with a + 3 bonus to Fortitude Saves. They also gain a + 1 bonus on all combat damage (melee or ranged), with an additional + 1 at 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter.

Starting Feats

  • Armor Training (Light) & Armor Training (Medium)
  • Weapon Training (One-Handed Weapons) & Weapon Training (Two-Handed Weapons)

Leveling Up (Fighter)

The following chart describes level dependent benefits:

Level Ability
1 Fighter Feat
2 Expertise
3 Fighter Feat
4 Expertise
5 Fighter Feat
6 Expertise
7 Fighter Feat, Mastery
8 Expertise
9 Fighter Feat, Mastery
10 Expertise, Fighter Feat

Fighter Feat: You gain a Feat from the Fighter Tree.
Expertise (armor): Each time you gain this expertise, reduce the armor check penalty by 1 when wearing armor and may increase the DR gained from armor by 1.
Expertise (weapon): Select a group of weapons (One-handed, two-handed, bows and slings, or thrown). You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage with these weapons. Each time you gain this ability, the bonuses stack.
Mastery (armor): Armor grants an additional 2 DR. Stacks each time the Fighter takes this Mastery.
Mastery (weapon): Choose a single weapon (e.g. longsword, greataxe, longbow). Any attacks made with that weapon are critical hits. Each time this mastery is chosen, it applies to an additional weapon.


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