The Second Age was the undisputed Age of Magic as great civilizations learned arcane secrets and harnessed magical artifacts to build vast empires. Those days ended with the Cataclysm and the awakening of the Ymir. The Third Age, the Age of Fracture has passed. Now, the Fourth Age, the Age of Recovery has begun.


What is known is that magic is accessible to anyone. Magic is contained within Raenite, crystals which form from Mana Storms. The Raenite can store magic and the Veri of the Second Age discovered a method of inscribing runes upon the crystals which would allow the crystals to store the magic and release it upon command. They used these Runestones to craft magical items, tomes, and even brew them into potions.

While this art is only recently being rediscovered, many ruins of the Second and Third Age hold these powerful weapons, tools, and vehicles for adventures to uncover.

Ley Lines

At the end of the Third Age, flights of Dragons swept across Heriga, carrying magic in great ribbons behind them which soaked into the land. Where these dragon lines, or ley lines, crossed, vortices of magic could be used to imbue magic into Raenite. The magic could be crafted into many different spell forms with the right knowledge.


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