Rules of Magic

  • There is always a price. Always.

The Arts and Realms of Magic

Four Arts

  • Commune: Read, Seek, Inform, Communicate, Determine, Divine, Understand
  • Convey: Move, Transport, Speed Up, Lift, Make Rapid
  • Destroy: Weaken, Damage, Injure, Reduce, Break, Dull, Deteriorate
  • Restore: Strengthen, Heal, Enlarge, Repair, Sharpen
  • Summon: Conjure something from nothing

Five Realms

  • Body: Living, organic beings – Animals, people & plants
  • Energy: Mindless and insubstantial – Electricity, fire, heat, motion, sonic, time, and the wind
  • Matter: Non-living and solid material – Leather, metal, paper, stone, wood, etc.
  • Mind: That which is inseparable from the body and motivates the living – Consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, memory, etc.
  • Spirit: Sapient, but insubstantial. Creatures without bodies. – poltergeists, souls, spirits, etc.

Words of Power

Infinite Words of Power exist to fuel magic. Most of these are known and can be studied, but many more exist to be discovered.

Casting Spells

In order to cast a spell, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Gather Magic
  2. Shape the Spell
  3. Release the Spell

Gathering Magic

First, magic must be gathered from the surrounding world to be formed into a Spell. The mage spends at least one action doing so. They do not necessarily need to know what spell they are casting in order to do this. Each success adds the the Power of the spell. If the initial roll is unsuccessful, you may spend addition actions to add to it, but you lose a dice to your pool for each attempt until you are out of dice. Failure on additional attempts will cancel the spell gathering entirely. A botch will cause the accumulated Power to explode on the caster chaotically.

Shaping the Spell

The Power gathered is used to shape and define the Spell.

Unleashing the Spell

Finally, the caster unleashes the spell at its intended target(s) or within herself.

Success Benchmarks

Power Time Size Distance
0 Instant Cup Touch
1 3 Turns Owl 1 yard
2 Seconds Person 3 yards
3 Minutes Bear 10 yards
4 The Scene Horse 50 yards
5 Hours Rhino 100 yards
6 Days House 500 yards
7 The Story Castle Half mile
8 Indefinitely Town 1 mile


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