Natural Healing

Characters heal naturally at a rate of 1HP and 1STR per day of rest. If they get complete bed rest (doing nother for an entire day), they can restore 3HP and STR bonus (minimum of 1) per day. In both cases above, the character is assumed to be getting adequate food, water, and sleep.

Magical Healing

Healing spells, potions, and magical devices can speed the process of healing considerably. By using magic, cuts and scratches and an equal amount of non-lethal damages. heal immediately., wounds close instantly and vigor is restored. The effects are immediate.

Heal & Survival Skills

Characters can also gain minor healing benefits from those proficient in the arts of Healing and Survival. When aided by someone with either of these skills, a character can recover 1HP and 1STR per day more than usual. The normal 1HP and 1 STR recover rate is possible even when traveling or engaging in non-strenuous activity when under the care of an healer.


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