Yubar is a region of forests, rivers, and plains. The lands here are fertile, but wild.


Two great bodies of water lie at the center of the region. The isolated Lake Leiomen is landlocked while the Estiack Sea connects to the sea via the Aima River. The southern coast is lined with the Idron Rainforest. The barren Agon Valley is surrounded by the tornado-plagued Gemati Dustbowl. Starting in northern Yubar and flowing northward through Atiria is the Amorae River. Northern Yubar also has the bizarre Pandemonium and the dangerous Tumult. The former is a mutated forest of blood-thirsty plant-life, while the latter is a massive, hilly barrens beset by extreme weather. The largest forest on Heriga is the massive Geron Elderwood, the cradle of life.


First Age
The Xeron spread through southern Yubar in the first age, but it remained largely untamed.

Second Age
The Melesa and the Tyrsynyr were created by Selazane in the second age. The Janavar makes their first appearance in Yubar. Surprisingly little conflict occurred in this period.

Third Age
Expansion by the Tyrsynyr and conflicts with the Melesa bring wars to Yubar. The Hira make their first appearance in this age.


Nation-States and Regions


  • Idronese Style: Popular along the southern coast, these buildings use both wood, clay brick, and tile built into geometric shapes with domed roofs. Many temples and public buildings are built in this style alongside Woodshaped Style buildings.
  • Mound Style: This style is popular among the Melesa. Composed of mud, clay, and wood pulp, these wet mounds are blown dry by the wings of the Melesa. They favor partially subterranean construction, tall spires, open interiors, and segmented floors.
  • Woodshaped Style: The Janavar pioneered this style which uses spells like shape wood to join groves of trees into a larger structure. Entire communities can be crafted by growing the trees together into buildings and hanging city districts.
  • Xeron Burrow: The Xeron construct this bizarre clash of materials to form geometric shapes at odd angles that are difficult to replicate by non-xeron. While partly underground, much of the structures are made of stone pile pillars, wooden pikes, and covered over in dirt and grass, they can be well hidden.




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