Resembling land squids, xeron have large, flat heads, a beaked mouth on their underside, and a thick-skinned, tentacled body. They have three-hearts, green-black blood, seven or eight tentacles, and between two and twelve eyes. Xeron are sequential hermaphrodites, meaning they can change their sex. Over the course of a day, a xeron can change one of its tentacles into a penis with gonads with which to impregnate another xeron. After copulation, the penis falls off. Fortunately, the xeron have plenty to spare.

Xeron never cease to grow in size and they have no maximum age. Every 100 years, they increase by one size category (medium>large>huge>colossal). However, each time they make this shift they take the same penalties as if they advanced an age category (large = middle age, huge = old age, venerable = colossal). The eldest xeron is Agi-Sephora, and is rumored to be nearly 12,000 years old, has only three tentacles left and is sought after for her great wisdom.

One of the eldest races, the Xeron were shaped from the Dark Tapestry by the god Temporo in the First Age. They were regarded as non-sapient by the rest of the world until very recently.

Xeron have an alien culture. They believe themselves to be the lone survivors of a previous, alien universe, rescued by Temporo. Xeron have a reputation as being powerful, manipulative and bent on domination. However, they also abhor a captivity and servitude and will often die to escape it.

It is not uncommon, however, for a female xeron to die while nesting her young, starving herself to protect them.

+4 Con, +2 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Cha, -2 Str, -2 Dex (4 RP): Xeron are tough physically and gifted mentally, but lack muscular strength and nimbleness.
Type (3 RP): Xeron are Aberrations.
Medium Size (0 RP): Xeron have no modifiers due to their size.
Slow Speed (-1 RP): Xeron have a land speed of 20 ft. due to their awkward shape.
Languages (0 RP): Xeron speak either Dalic, Samagran, or Yubaric depending on whether their parent came from Dalapon, southern Gherana or elsewhere in southern Yubar, respectively.
Other Traits

  • Darkvision (-): Xeron can see in the dark up to 60 ft.
  • Touched by the Dark Tapestry (3 RP): Xeron gain spell resistance equal to 11 + their character level.


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