Vols are omnivores, preferring fruits, nuts, and small plants and small animals.

They live short lives compared to many other races, but form some of the strongest bonds and most fulfilling relationships according to some scholars.

Two vols who spend a good deal of time together form a pair-bond, which can cause their deaths when separated for too long. Two (or more) vols who spend 24 hours together must roll a Will Save (DC 5 + number of days spent together) or become pair-bonded. A vol should roll once if all the vol have spent the same time together, roll individually if the times are different. Once pair-bonded, both vol are considered Helpful toward one another. For every 24 hours they spend apart roll a Will Save (DC 5 + number of days spent apart), failure means that they sink into depression and are considered to be permanently Exhausted or until they can be reunited with their mate(s). For all intents and purposes, a dead mate is considered to be “away.” This condition can be removed if the vol is pair-bonded to a new person or persons (existing bonds do not count).

Vols do not go through puberty until they have been pair-bonded (encouraged around age 11). After which time they become fertile. It is not necessary to mate with their pair-bond, however, and even if their pair-bond or mate die, they remain fertile until old age (around age 35).

Reproduction for the vols is exhausting work. It requires a great number of attempts to achieve fertilization (~1% chance per attempt). Once fertilized, a female vol will bear four to six live young (with extremes as high as eleven) within six months. Vol children are born blind and must wean for another six months before they are capable of ingesting solid food and gain their sight. Because vol females only produce enough milk and only have four nipples, this means that excess children must be given to childless couples.

Vols were created by Four-Winds in the Second Age.

Vols have an isolated culture. As a result of their unique pair-bonding, Vols prefer to be either pair-bonded or isolated. Groups of Vols are rare and offspring are sent into the world before adulthood to ensure they don’t pair-bond with their siblings or parents. They prefer the company of other species, due to their unique physiology of pair-bonding to other Vols unintentionally. Vol colonies prefer family and individual dwellings for vol to retreat to at the end of the day. Instances of same-sex pair-bonds are common enough that vol generally have no reservations about giving excess young to female same-sex couples to nurse and raise. Male same-sex pair-bonds are often recounted in tales as renowned fighters, unwilling to leave their bondmate behind.

VOL (14 RP)
+2 STR, +2 Int, -2 Dex (0 RP): Vol are smart and strong but not particularly nimble.
Type (0 RP): Vol are humanoids.
Medium Size (0 RP): Vol have no modifier due to their size.
Normal Speed (0 RP): Vol have a land speed of 30 ft.
Burrow (3 RP): When they’re hands are empty, Vol can move through the earth at a rate of 20 ft. due to their claws.
Languages (1 RP) Vol speak Ayamaran.
Other Traits

  • Claws (2 RP) this race has a set of unretractable claws which allow them to deal 1d4 damage when using them as an attack.
  • Thick Skinned (2 RP): Spending a long time in the ground has hardened their skin to prevent wounds granting vol a +1 Natural Armor bonus.
  • Darkvision (2 RP): Vol can see up to 60 feet in the dark but only in black and white
  • Flexible Bonus Feat (4 RP): Vol often do not live together before adulthood, thus they often pick up a trick or two by mingling with other cultures. As a result, vol gain one extra feat at 1st level.


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