Varsad is a frigid land of ice. Volcanic mountains mix their ash with the snow in this harsh, gray-white land. It is a land operating under an uneasy truce between the titanic Ymir and the common folk.


Varsad is a land of extremes: a land of ice and fire. Many volcanoes can be found jutting up between the snowfields and pine trees. Frozen steppes, rolling tundra and vast taiga can be found within sight of at least one active volcanoes anywhere in Varsad. Varsad is a cold place with cold winters and mild summers. Only the southern coast is free of snow most of the year, the rest of Varsad is blanketed year-round.

Varsad is separated from Yubar by the mighty Lucent Mountains, a volcanic range. The largest mountain range in the world are the Pavmona Mountains in eastern Varsad. To the north are the volcanic Parbard Mountains, a volcanic range. The largest mountain in the world is volcanic Mount Trecan in central Varsad. Flowing from Mount Trecan is the Salca River which fills Lake Suviet at the foot of Mount Piesa, another volcano in Varsad.

Kingdoms and Regions



First Age
The elder races: the Veri, Volkei, and the Vol all originate in Varsad. In the First Age, the Verish tribes flourished under the powerful Royal Family, they set about enslaving their neighbors and holding their own people in a tighter grasp.

Second Age
By the Second Age, the Veri had sent the Royal Family into exile and the Golden Age began under the guiding hand of Raena‘s avatar as God-Queen of the Veri. Meanwhile, the Volkei and Vol expanded thanks to their own God-King, the Four-Winds. A new race, the Myr also made their first appearance. This was a glorious age for Varsad, sadly it came to an end. The end of the Third Age, the Veri and Volkei were stripped of their flight. The Veri had been losing their connection to magic for generations, with the disappearance of Raena, they nearly lost it entirely; while the Volkei had their wings jealously ripped off by Ashrahka, never to grow back. The Cataclysm had less impact on Varsad than other places, but the loss of trade with Tinadal certainly didn’t help the fortunes of the region.

Third Age
The Third Age was the beginning of the end of the Golden Age. The mighty Ymir descended upon Varsad and lay waste to the ruins of the nations. Whole cities were smashed to pieces and entire nations were enslaved like livestock for the Ymir.

Fourth Age
The Ymir were brought to heel by the force of Tyrsynyr under Warlord Vali and his Raenite Colossus. The Ymir were forced to retreat to the distant parts of the world, while the many communities were freed from their grasp. Now, an uncertain future remains for the people of Varsad. The Colossus cannot be everywhere at once.


  • Ice-hewn Style: Cheap buildings where trees are scarce use this style. As a result, they are constructed underground from dirt, rock and stone, reinforced with ice and packed with snow. The roofs are covered in dirt and planted with grass for extra insulation.
  • Timberframe Style: Where trees are abundant, these buildings favor sharp-peaked roofs, wooden pillars, and small windows. Insulation is provided by a double set of walls for the wealthy, while all use fur pelts lining the interior walls. Whenever possible, a stone foundation and/or ground floor are preferred. Regardless, a large fireplace or central hearth keeps the structure warm.
  • Spire Style: This style is more popular for temples and public buildings. Sharp spires and round cupolas cover the top of the structure, while the shingled roof is tented (reminiscent of ancient temples built in tents on the steppes).
  • Layered Style: This style is popular for temples and public buildings. Multiple stories separated by tiers with many balconies mark this style. Regardless, all have sharp-slanted roofs to keep snow from building up and polychromatic shingles.


Varsad is the homeland of the Iseti, Oski, Myr, Veri, Vol, Volkei and Worski.


Bountiful fish can be found off the southern coast as well as songbirds like nightingale and redstart. The rest of Varsad has birds like capercaillie, buzzard, kestrel, grouse, owl, nutcracker and cuckoo. Animals can be found such as elk, badger, brown bear, fox, wolf, wolverine, lynx, polecat, squirrel, gopher, suslik, jerboa, and sable. Reptiles such as the common viper, lizards and grass snakes.


Willow, poplar and caragana shrubs. Blueberry, cloudberry, black crowberry bushes. Fir, pine, spruce, birch, larch and maple trees.


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