Alignment: Lawful Evil
Capital: Koehki
Ruler: Satrap Isklaufir the Coldblooded
Government: Satrapy
Demonym: Tinadane
Adjective: Tinadalic
Languages: Tegmurai
Religions: Seeker

Tinadal is an isolated nation which lies at the center of the continent. Surrounded on all sides by ice-capped mountains, this warm region is heated by subterranean lava flows and hot springs, but it rarely snows or rains in Tinadal.



The Azasan River provides water for the Boiling Sea, which then flows into the Central Sea via a crooked Sumitae River ending with the Aerie Falls.


In the Second Age, the Tegmur Empire began and spread from Tinadal into Atiria and as far as Varsad.

At the outset of the Third Age, the Tegmur Empire was ruled by the Sibling-Priests who had formerly attended to the God-Queen Mana. Unfortunately, by the end of the first decade of the Third Age, the Death-Plague had devastated Tinadal. The Bannai, already rare in Tinadal, were driven to extinction inside the mountainous walls of the nation. Some decades after this, monstrous Mimetai appeared in the ruins of Kirenoth, likely the descendants of the Bannai who fled into the ruins.

The final nail in the coffin of the Tegmur Empire was when Tinadal was sealed off from the rest of Heriga at Koehki. The fortress city which guarded Tinadal from outsiders in the Second Age, became the key to their prison in the Third. It was not until the Tyrsynyr came to Atiria and later conquered Koehki in 3a488 that Tinadal was opened up to the rest of the world again. Albeit, under the tyranny of the tyrsynyr hegemony.


Tinadal’s cities enjoy autonomy, but they must pay an annual tithe to the Tyrsynyr Satrap in Koehki. The countryside is free of outside rule, however, and many rebels hide in the hills and mountains, raiding trade routes when they tyrsynyr patrols are lax. Most people are aware that Satrap Isklaufir has a cadre of mercenary evokers who specialize in ice magic to deal with the rebels should they get out of hand.


In addition to the formidable Tyrsynyr warriors who swear fealty to the Satrap, the White Crows are a mercenary band of Veri frost magi employed to combat Tegmur rebels. Each city-state in Tinadal also has its own militia for protection, especially from White Dragon attacks (which are on the rise).


Seeker faith is strongest here, especially the worship of Mana.


Tegmur are the most common inhabitants of Tinadal. The Tyrsynyr are a growing minority.


  • Classical Thoen Style: Older buildings tend to be built from stone, but have crude square shapes with simple columns and tiered balconies.
  • High Thoen Style: Newer buildings have refined the older style to add banded columns, domes, bas-relief, and coloring marble and stone with lapis to give it a blue-color.


White Dragons stalk the mountains around Tinadal, plundering her ruined cities for riches and adding to their hoards.



Notable Locations



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