PrehistoryThe Birth of the Gods: The All-Mother and the All-Father birth the four Elemental Gods (Air, Earth, Fire, Water).

PrehistoryThe Shaping of the World: The Gods seek to impress their parents by using their elemental powers to craft a world. Their constant attempts to outdo one another devolves into petty bickering and laying claims on their new creation.

PrehistoryA New God is Born: The fifth God is born (Weather). Eventually, even he succumbs to bickering over the gods’ favorite toy: the World.

PrehistoryDeath in the Family: The All-Mother dies from grief at the callousness of the All-Father toward their children and his lack of intervention. She shatters into more than two dozen shards (pieces of her soul called Domains) which scatter upon the world.

1A0Time Begins: Mana creates the sun to light the search for the All-Mother’s remains. Thus begins the first day of the first year and the counting of ages.The All-Father stirs only to allow his children to create Avatars to reassemble the All-Mother.

~1A500Hunt for the All-Mother: Obsessed at first with reuniting the shards of their mother, the Gods turn to petty bickering over the power her Domains grant them.

~1A2,500First Godswar: Kohtalo and Casidera defeat Akaryavara and Unseen King on the Little Savannah over one of the Domains.

~1A3,000Second Godswar: Eastern Breeze and Unseen King (both avatars of Wind) defeat Kohtalo and Akaryakara on the Godstorn Grasslands over one of the Domains.

~1A3,500Laid To Rest: The All-Mother is laid to rest with the discovery of the Repose Domain. The All-Father remains unmoved by this display, as long eons have passed since her death. Bitter resentment continues among the gods, but for a time there is peace until …

~1A5,500Third Godswar: Parbata, Casidera, and Akaryakara defeat Kohtalo in Pandemonium Forest. As a result, Raena is stripped of much of her power by her brothers. Raena’s tears flood the world yet again. Reincarnation enters the world with the unleashing of Repose by Kohtalo.

~1A6,000Judgement of the All-Father: Angered by their bickering, the All-Father hides all the Domains from the Avatars to prevent the Godswars.

~1A6,500Age of Vibrant Chaos: Outsiders of Chaos rule the world. The first mortal race, the Veri make their appearance. While they lack basic speech in this epoch, their sense of community is never stronger. The Eldritch Horrors are born in the Void.

~1A7,000Magic is Born, Age of Fiery Rains: The Veri learn the fundamentals of Magic to protect themselves from the Chaos of the world. The Volkei are born. The volcanoes of the world erupt all at once, blanketing the world in fireballs and ash. Storms and snows ravage the world.

~1A7,500Age of Words: Language develops, the first stories are told of love and lust. The first huts and tools are built and made. Winds and cloud drive away the ash. The Kabnatan are born.

~1A8,000Age of Tyranny: Mana sends Creatures of Order descend on the world to battle the Forces of Chaos. Good and Evil does not exist, but slavery, tyranny grip the world for the first time. Alliances and vassalage develops as loyalties are tested. Finally, Four-Winds changes the lands of the Kabnatan from tropical lands to arctic lands.

~1A8,500Age of Angels: Mana sends Good into the world, creating the faction of Azata from Chaos and the Archons from Law. The Deathmarked Volkei are cursed.

~1A9,000Age of Grace: Resurrection and Restoration are unleashed as healing comes to the world. Now, creatures can heal their wounds through rest, medical care, or a bit of magic.

~1A9,500 — The Veri abandon monarchy. The Kabnatan enslave the Mute Ones of their race. The Teg-Murai are born.

~1A10,000Age of Waves/Age of Lies: The ocean currents begin changing the coastline. Birth of the Xeron. Deception, greed, theft, and lies enter the world.

~1A10,500 — The Royal Family are given Divine Right of Kings by Raena to rule the Veri. Absolute Monarchy returns.

~1A11,000Age of Corrosion: Soil erosion comes to the world. The coastlines are forever changed.

~1A11,500Tyranny of the Veri: The Royal Family enslave their neighbors and their people, creating the Slave Dukes to control their slave armies. Birth of the Krill.

~1A12,000End of the Tyranny: The Royal Family goes into exile. They seek reprisal against Raena, who turned her back on them.

2A1Beginning of the Second Age / Birth of Ashrahka: Ashrahka the World Serpent is born by the union of Mana and Temporo. Angered by this union, the All-Father exiles the gods to the world in their avatar forms.

2A115First Founding: The first city is founded, called Kyla when the Veri gather around Raena. She becomes the first God-Queen, the other gods follow suit in the coming century.

2A636First War / Birth of Selazane: City of Tempori is sacked and renamed Verpori by Kyla. The blood of Four-Winds mixed with the blood of thousands of Veri fighting Veri births Selazane, God of War.

2A1391Krengan-Gotun Wars: A century long conflict which began with the conquest of Gotun by Krotnuk. The nearby city-state of Kreng attempted in vain to free Gotun from occupation. Eventually, the city of Kreng was depopulated by the conflict.

2A1805Era of Wonders: Raena creates the Worldbooks and hides them for fear of their use. Grand fleet sent from Meri to circumnavigate the globe, but it never returns. The Idiot Prophet foretells flying cities. Kabutano crafts the Life & Death Arsenal and gives them to his lovers. They are lost over time.

2A2057The Ruination: Mana breaks open the earth and sends a cataclysm upon the world: destroying the cities that claim Kabutano as a patron deity. The cities of the Kabnatan, Krill, and Partnan are petrified as the earth opens up and turns them to ash. All fear the wrath of Mana hence.

3A1The Beginning of the Third Age / Godless Era: Stripped of all their power, the world becomes a godless place. It is an age of strife as the gods, who once led the city-states as god-kings are turned into mortals and the civilizations are left to lead themselves. The All-Father has told all the world that anyone who slays the now-mortal gods shall take their place in the Heavens.

3A100Ymir Conquest: The massive Ymir devastate Varsad.

3A501Magic Returns: Raena, the first of the Gods returns to the Heavens, fully restored. Thus ends the Godless Era.

4A100The Fourth Age / Current Era: A new age begins, as explorers rediscover lost knowledge in the ruins of the previous ages.


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