Titles: The Spark, Ever-Shifter, The Unknowable Fellow
Symbols: A black hole with a spark in the middle, a chipped cog, a patchwork shield, a multicolored storm cloud.
Domains: Artifice, Chaos, Madness, Void, Weather
Followers: Anarchists, artisans, builders, craftsmen, eccentrics, farmers, mystics, outcasts, parents, sailors, the insane
Holy City: Ruined Verpori in Varsad
Lord Scion: Agasharo the Orthodox

Temporian worship is a very individualized affair. Most worshipers keep a small shrine in their homes or workshops, mostly to ward off his oft-times destructive curiosity. While his clergy never reach the heights of political power that most of the other gods did they are always ready to offer advice on how to keep their city from stagnating, for that is the road to death. The greatest tenant of what Temporo taught his peoples, however, is that no one is ever truly alone for the outsiders of today are the culture of tomorrow. One side effect of this is Temporian followers adopt fads quickly only to discard them just as fast.


  • Innovation is what drives the soul forward
  • Seek fulfillment in the unknown


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