Titles: Lord of Glorious War, Horned God of Blood, Sorrowbringer, The Mute God
Symbols: Black Gauntlet, Bloodstained Claw, Minotaur’s Head
Domains: Animal, Destruction, Evil, Glory, War
Sects: Cult of Annihilation, Church of Valor, Silent Sons
Followers: Barbarians, mercenaries, rangers, soldiers
Holy City: None; claimed by many
Lord Scion: None; claimed by many

Selazane does not speak. He prefers actions over words.

It is said that animals could speak in the First Age, but Selazane swore them to silence in the Second Age in order to encourage conflict between predator and prey. Since that time, animal kind have forgotten language entirely.

Selazane is drawn to battle, slaughter, and the hunt. Generals and soldiers alike call upon him to smite their enemies on both sides, and he often obliges both.

The devout of Selazane have surmised much of his dogma as follows:

  • The Fearless Rule the Fearful
  • The Glorious Rule the Disgraceful
  • The Merciless Rule the Merciful
  • The Strong Rule the Weak
  • The Worthy Rule the Unworthy

Likewise, Selazanites do not make oaths, they perform deeds. Just as Selazane once suffered defeat, so too must his followers.


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