Melesa are omnivorous, humanoid insects. Their large, black eyes can see in the dark and their insect wings are too small to support them in flight. The only visual difference between males and females is that female have more antenna segments, and occasionally an additional body segment. 1 in 1,000 female Melesa are of the Large-size category and are classified as queens.

Pregnant Melesa females must incubate their young, but Melesa lack the physical space to do so. So, they inject their eggs into other living beings through an ovipositor, either against the host’s will or while the host is asleep. The three-month incubation process goes unnoticed until the very end, when the Melesa young burrow out to breathe. In their youngest form, they can still fly, but by adulthood they grow too large for their underdeveloped wing to support them in flight.

The Melesa were created in the Second Age by Selazane. Given their reproductive cycle, Melesa females are not popular among the other races of the world. Male Melessa traders, however, can be found in many ports.

Traditionally, Melesa live in mound settlements made of mud, clay and wood pulp, blown dry with their wings. They are constructed to remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter, in addition to being designed with defense in mind.

Parenthood and family are foreign concepts for the Melesa. Rather, they flock around charismatic personalities and often queens to form cliches. Many cliches form a hive. Socially, Melesa like to know where they stand in a hierarchy. They either establish dominance early on or sycophantically attach themselves to a forceful individual. Some hives incubate their young in livestock, or else use hot springs, rather than sapient creatures. Other hives are practical (preferring incubation in sapient people).

+2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Wis (1 RP): The Melesa are strong and tough, but lack common sense due to their alien mindset.
Type (3 RP): Melesa are Monstrous Humanoids with the insectoid subtype.
Medium Size (0 RP): Melesa have no modifiers due to their size.
Normal Speed (0 RP): Melesa have a land speed of 30 feet.
Languages (0 RP): Melesa speak Common Melesan.
Other Traits

  • Battle Hardened (4 RP): Melesa are raised to be warriors granting them a +1 bonus to CMD.
  • Carapace (4 RP): +3 Natural Armor.
  • Darkvision (-): As monstrous humanoids, Melesa can see up to 60 feet in the dark.
  • Vestigial Wings (2 RP): Melesa have wings that do not provide the lift required for actual f light, but do have enough power to aid f light attained by some other method, and grant a +4 racial bonus on Fly checks.


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