Titles: Our Lady in Fire, The Eldest, Mother of Law, Flamewreathed Mistress
Symbols: Fiery Sun, Flaming Spiderweb
Domains: Fire, Law, Sun, Community, Good
Sects: Crusaders of the Flame, The Justicars, The Peacekeepers
Followers: Judges, parents, philanthropists, rulers
Holy City: Hakashre in Tinadal
Lord Scion: Ikalijana the Caring

The Church of Mana revolves around Civilization. Law-makers are expected to discuss their ideas with the community. The community is encouraged to voice their opinions to the law-makers. If their voices will not be heard, then perhaps their prayers will. During the Second Age, Mana often enacted changes based on her judgement mixed with these opinions and views on law, often changing the ideas to better fit in with her divine worldview. More than anything, she taught that community was the source of order and good in the world.

General Morals and Teachings:

  • Trust and Family go Hand in Hand. Trust someone great enough, and they become Family. Without Trust, there can be no Family.
  • The Community centers on a collection of Families, and Laws. Through this there is Unity. Unity is Strength.
  • Show warmth to the Outsiders, and they may become apart of the community. Show Wrath to the Betrayers so they may know the pain they cause.
  • Let nothing be hidden from your Family, If you trust in them to call them Family, Then Trust them with all.
  • Laws should Strengthen Society, not weaken it. If a Law would diminish Society, Fix it, Failing that, Abolish the Law and write anew.


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