Titles: Lord of Life & Death
Symbols: A grave covered in vibrant greenery and flowers.
Domains: Death, Earth, Healing, Plant, Trickery
Sects: Pale Cult, Church of the Gardener, Cult of Deceit
Followers: Apothecaries, doctors, farmers, gardeners, gravediggers, herbalists
Holy Cities: Ruined Kronet (life) & Ruined Khanak (death), Chainara in Gherana
Lord Scion: Nishayatsah the Awoken (life) & Atman the Eerie (death)

While Kabutanan worship was mostly destroyed by the cataclysm that turned many of his people to stone, while it was more prevalent, it was a largely social affair. It was seen as less about having to gather, and more that it would bring them together socially and culturally, letting all of the races that worship him a chance to share their own practices, and ideas, and acts and poems with the group as a whole, as the culture put a high focus on the arts and expression. Though as they worshiped the god of trickery as well, it’s hypothesized that they kept much to themselves. No-one knows now, as their cities and settlements haven’t been visited since the cataclysm, and many of the survivors (who were on the road when it struck, or still tribal) believe the places may be haunted by the angry spirits of the lost, who shun the sun and only come out at night to torture any who may pass through with Mana’s people. But, it’s just a rumor….. Right?


  • You cannot change your nature, do as you will.


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