Kabnatan resemble humanoids with arachnid and scorpion-like features. They are generally nocturnal and omnivorous.

Kabnatan are attracted to the smell of a person. Compatible smells encourage sexual arousal among individuals. While this can often be members of opposite sex individuals, in rare cases they can be of the same sex. Following sexual congress, a female Kabnatan must make a Will Save (DC 10) to avoid trying to eat her partner. She gets a new save after an hour of separation between her and her partner.

As Kabnatan age, they moult their previous exoskeletons several times before reaching adulthood. Their new exoskeleton needs time to become rigid, so for the few days after moulting they lose their natural armor bonus and are uncomfortable and quite irritable.

During the First Age, the Kabnatan were encouraged to ponder the story of the Frog and the Scorpion by their creator, Kabutano. In the story, a frog offers to carry a scorpion if he agrees not to sting the frog. The scorpion agrees and halfway across the scorpion stings the frog, dooming them both to die. The frog asks, “Why?” “Because I can swim,” he replies. Despite obvious physical similarities, scholars wonder to this day whether they are the scorpion.. or the frog…

In the First Age, the Kabnatan were ruled by a dual theocracy. The two Priests, called “Kesu,” rule jointly, but absolutely. The Kesus are chosen at the tribal moot. The Avatars of Kabutano choose the Generals of Life and Death. Nothing seems to be common among the Generals chosen except that they are all attractive individuals. They are painted, trained, and lead the tribes in a battle against the ancestor-spirits of the dead in a week long feast. While largely symbolic, it unites the Kabnatan behind a singular purpose.

The Kabnatan have taken to taking psychotropic drugs to commune with their creator. Many are now addicted to these drugs. The Kabnatan have an ambivalent relationship with sex, generally speaking, it is considered a social taboo.

Sex is a dangerous thing for the Kabnatan and many females will take precautions before engaging in it to avoid eating their partner. Just to be safe, most male Kabnatan will retreat following sexual intercourse with a female to avoid being eaten.

To show off their individuality and sense of style, many Kabnatan will have their carapace carved, inked, or shaved to show off different designs and patterns either to display allegiance, pious holy text, or simply for ostentation. Being a good carver is a respected profession.

+2 Charisma, +2 Dexterity (2 RP): Kabnatan are gregarious and nimble.
Type (0 RP): Humanoid with the scorpion subtype.
Medium Size (0 RP): Kabnatan receive no modifiers due to their size.
Fast Speed (1 RP): Kabnatan have a land speed of 40 ft.
Languages (0 RP): Kabnatan may speak either Kasrayan or Low Kabnatese, depending on whether their parents were civilized or savage, respectively.
Other Traits

  • Exoskeleton (3 RP): Kabnatan gain +3 natural armor bonus to their Armor Class.
  • Efficient Digestion (0 RP): Kabnatan can go twice as long without food as a normal humanoid, but require twice as much water.
  • Scorpion Claws (2 RP): receive two claw attacks. These are primary natural attacks which deals 1d4 points of piercing damage.
  • Envenomed Saliva (1 RP): Kabnatan gain the ability to envenom a weapon that it wields with its toxic saliva as a swift action a number of times per day equal to its Constitution modifier (minimum 1/day). Life-Stealing Venom: Injury; save Fort DC 10 + 1/2 the user’s Hit Dice + the user’s Constitution modifier; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1 Con; cure 1 save.

Curse of the Four-Winds: The Mute Kabnatan (about 1/4 of all Kabnatan) cannot speak, read, or write.


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