Amber Bull

1. Mana’s Day: Celebrates the beginning of summer. A festival of community and family, sharing the wealth.
4. Mania: The fourth of amber bull is a popular seeker celebration of Temporo. Pranks are played on friends and family on Mania.

Orange Bard

Vermilion Cat

1. Selazane’s Day: Celebration of war. The faithful thank the God of War for past victories and wish for future victories.

Red Priest

1. Four-Winds’ Day: Celebration of the harvest. The faithful ask Four-Winds to delay winter.
3. Grievance: The third of red priest is a day for ardent seekers to recount the honorable dead and vow vengeance on the gods for their callous, capricious, violent world they created for mortalkind.
19. Advent of the Stars: Primarily celebrated by seekers to thank Temporo for setting the stars in the heavens.

Magenta Bear

Violet Monk

1. Temporo’s Day: Celebration of the Outsider. In honor of the God of Chaos, many followers of Temporo build and fly kites… others intentionally break laws they see as meaningless or tyrannical.

Indigo Owl

1. Raena’s Day: Celebration of winter. The faithful ask Raena to make this year’s winter short and mild.
7. Swaining: A day for lovers, Ashrahka excites hearts and loins on this day more than others according to seekers. Legend says that the year when more people are fighting than making love on the Swaining, is the year that Ashrahka sees that mortalkind is not worth saving and will devour the world thusly. Consequently, many inns encourage celebration by offering free rooms to couples.

Blue Thief

1. Festival of Drums: Animists have a ceremony on this day to awaken the spirits of spring and put the spirits of winter to sleep. Frantic drums in the morning are meant to awaken spring spirits, while soothing drums at night send winter spirits to sleep.
8. High Hope: Farmers of all faiths pray to their god(s) for a good planting season, a bountiful harvest, and plentiful fishing. Though most vary by region, many include a grand feast on this day.

Teal Fox

Green Warrior

1. Kabutano’s Day: Celebration of the coming of new life, and the end of winter.
19. Planting Day: Farmers of all faiths celebrate the planting and pray for a plentiful autumn harvest on this day. They sow their seeds both literally and metaphorically on this day.

Chartreuse Eagle

Yellow Mage

20. Ashrahka’s Day: Celebration of the end of the year, and beginning of the next. The faithful beg the World Serpent not to devour the world in the next year.


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