Gherana is a region sheltered by three major mountain ranges from much of the outside world. It also has the honor of being the most populated region on Heriga.



In the north, the East Bherala River and the West Bherala Rivers form the Grand Bherala River. The North Udabmer River and the South Udabmer River meet to form the Grand Udabmer River. The Bherala River and the Udabmer River meet forming the Trihanda River which flows into the Shoran Sea.

The Shoran Sea sits between northern and southern Gherana.

The Shoran Sea is connected to the Parushior Sea by the Kashara River. The Parushior Sea flows out of Gherana, passes through Yubar until it meets the ocean via the Bray River.

Eastern Gherana is separated from the ocean by the Dirur Mountains to the north, Mount Nanpal, Mount Sarna, and Mount Gwalmira to the south. Along with Mount Mount Bangarta, the four stand-alone peaks are known as the Mountains of Madness collectively.

Northern Gherana is separated from Nakhara by the Balafar Mountains and the Kahor Mountains.

Gherana is separated from Tinadal and Atiria by the Gandana Mountains.

Southern Gherana is separated from Yubar by the Latra Mountains. Likewise, Mount Bangarta and the Ajtan Mountains separate the Angulera Peninsula from the rest of southern Gherana.

Kingdoms and Regions


  • Din Ruins: Created by the amoral creatures of chaos called the Din, these bizarre, twisted stone monuments reflect the anarchic nature of their creators.
  • Rajnani Style: This ancient style developed by the Kabnatan favors wood and subterranean construction. Covered walkways, sharp-angled roofs, porches, and pillared hallways are popular features.
  • Morhin Style: A newer style featuring more stone than previous styles. Buildings favor stone spires, columns in the shapes of Kabnatan, open interiors with symmetrical designs, and porticos.


Gherana is home to a diverse population of Kabnatan, Krill, Partnan, and Xeron. Small numbers of Janavar, Sebet, and Melesa have migrated here in recent memory as well.


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