Titles: Lord of the Written Word, God of Fullsails
Symbols: A book flipping through its pages
Domains: Air, Knowledge, Nobility, Rune, Travel
Sects: House of Wisdom, Rune Knight, Church of the Fair Breeze
Followers: Aristocrats, judges, merchants, rulers, sailors, scholars, teachers
Holy City: Ruined Aria in Varsad
Lord Scion: Lavareko the Tempted

The Four-Winds has no name, rather the god keeps his name secret so there will always be one more mystery to solve in the universe. The ultimate teacher, the Four-Winds conceals all knowledge and wisdom until it is time to be revealed to the student — when the student is ready.

His interest has always been with knowledge that already exists, while Raena is interested in knowledge that does not yet exist. Temporo on the other hand, seeks to change existing knowledge for unknown purposes.

His holy city was Aria, blessed in the Second Age with the bounty of the sea it was the birthplace of mundane wisdom and scholastic knowledge as well as a major trading port.

  • Spread knowledge and learn as much as you can
  • Don’t ignore anyone, even brilliance can come from a small gust
  • Innovation is great, but always approach it safely, Rushing innovation often causes more problems
  • Stories are great they often tell someones history.


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