Ferisudet resemble a mix of a fae-like wolf with a powerful tail and claws. Ferisudet are nocturnal, as their eyes are sensitive to the sun.

The Ferisudet were split off from the Veri race by Raena in the Second Age.

Given their shape-shifting nature, it is difficult for two Ferisudet to find one another and thus, they remain near mythical even to their own kind. Thus, the Ferisudet have no unified culture, but adopt the culture in which they are born and raised.

The first shift is an odd time for a Ferisudet unless they are with family who can help this transformation. In rare cases, some even be stuck in an assumed form, unaware that they possess the ability to shapeshift. The first shift normally occurs around well before adulthood at 10-12 years.

Ferisudet often form close personal attachments, whether to their own kind or other races. Many parents shelter their children from the outside world due to their inability to change before adolescence. Consequently, many are under-educated. Young are usually considered able enough to leave the home once they’ve controlled their ability to shift, but even so many Ferisudet stay in just one form to fit in with their parents’ adopted society.

Tale of the Twins

A common legend among the the Ferisudet tells that during the Second Age, Kabutano stole the fangs from Ashrahka to prevent the world-serpent from devouring the world and blamed Raena for the theft. Raena explained herself to Ashrahka, but the world-serpent would not listen. Rather than be called a thief for something she did not steal, she stole the fangs back from Kabutano through sheer luck in order to return them, but seeing that Ashrahka would likely devour her and the world anyway, she hid the fangs in the last place he would look — specifically two Veri twins, Maior the Nimble and Parvos the Wise. After he had looked everywhere in the Heavens, Ashrahka eventually turned his search towards the World. To hide the fangs and protect the twins, Raena gave them the power to transform themselves. The fangs of Ashrahka transformed them, however, in unexpected ways. Their natural form grew to possess the claws of the wolf, the tail of the beaver, and eyes that could see in the dark. So it goes that the Ferisudet hide themselves in order to escape the watchful eye of Ashrahka, lest he devour them all and regain his fangs and hasten the end of the world.

+2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Cha (0 RP): Ferisudet are insightful and nimble, but lack social graces likely due to a sheltered childhood.
Type (2 RP): Ferisudet are Fey.
Medium Size (0 RP): Ferisudet have no modifiers due to their size.
Normal Speed (0 RP): Ferisudet have a land speed of 30 feet.
Languages (0 RP): Ferisudet speak Low Verish. They may buy ranks in Linguistics in order to learn additional languages.
Other Traits

  • Claws (2 RP): In their natural form, Ferisudet receive two claw attacks. These are primary natural attacks which deal 1d4 points of slashing damage.
  • Darkvision (2 RP): Ferisudet can see up to 60 feet in the dark.
  • Slapping Tail (3 RP): In their natural form, Ferisudet have a tail they can use to make attacks of opportunity with a reach of 5 feet. The tail is a natural attack that deals 1d8 points of damage plus the user’s Strength modifier.
  • Shape Change, Greater (6 RP): Ferisudet can assume the appearance of a Small or Medium humanoid as the alter self spell, save that it does not adjust its ability scores.
  • Light Sensitivity (-1 RP): Ferisudet are dazzled as long as they remain in an area of bright light.


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