The current date is 4a100. 4a refers to the Fourth Age. 100 means that it is the one-hundredth year of this age.

Days of the Weeks

Raena has set the moon to change phases each day. As a result, the people of Heriga have come to know the days of the week by the phase of the moon. There are eight days in a week:

d8 Phase Common Name
1 New Moon Enova
2 Rising Crescent Morta
3 Right Moon Becta
4 Rising Gibbous Lorta
5 Full Moon Afinita
6 Falling Gibbous Zasa
7 Left Moon Orela
8 Falling Crescent Naba

Mana’s Count

The months of Heriga are named for the constellation in the night’s sky which is most prominent. Each month is made up of 20 days, separated into three weeks of varying length. In total, there are 240 days in one year.

d12 Month Season Gregorian Equivalent
1 Amber Bull Early Summer June
2 Orange Bard Mid Summer July
3 Vermilion Cat Late Summer August
4 Red Priest Early Autumn September
5 Magenta Bear Mid Autumn October
6 Violet Monk Late Autumn November
7 Indigo Owl Early Winter December
8 Blue Thief Mid Winter January
9 Teal Fox Late Winter February
10 Green Warrior Early Spring March
11 Chartreuse Eagle Mid Spring April
12 Yellow Mage Late Spring May


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