Atiria is a fertile coastal region in the northern-central part of the continent.


Much of Atiria is split evenly between temperate forests and plains with a few hills and valleys. Winters are cold, while summers are warm.


See: History of Atiria


The Tyrsynyr dominate the politics of Atiria. The Tyrsynyr Warlords expect tribute from their client states which steadily increases annually until the state is forced to rebel, resulting in a vicious cycle of conquest by the Tyrsynyr (which is exactly how they like it). That said, most communities are self-governed so long as they make their tributes, enjoying the protection of the Tyrsynyr on trade routes and the freedom of self-rule.

Tribe Warlord Tribute City-State
Aggen Tribe Warlord Torsef Gardaima
Akkersing Tribe Warlord Umeika Sacaemessia
Andel Tribe Warlord Halmsala Chisaboka
Anfinn Tribe Warlord Torsef Polosaxos
Beragal Tribe Warlord Orsten Ilyashe
Hedmadal Tribe Warlord Lykosand Hanine, Taekamah
Helmark Tribe Warlord Arvistena Egaralophi
Naugal Tribe Warlord Lykosand Kassanossae
Roder Tribe Warlord Umeika Sadon
Rondesh Tribe Warlord Lulejo Kolydodae
Telag Tribe Warlord Orsten Paralon
Varvarna Tribe Warlord Malve Obehunjol


The majority of inhabitants are Tyrsynyr while the minority are Tegmur and Veri.


  • Lowlands Style: Using petrified trees and stone, the buildings remain fire-resistant. They favor domes, square-shaped buildings with many geometric patterns.
  • Tyr Yurts: The Tyrsynyr favor tents made of animal bone and hide. They are modular, built around a central hearth-pit, and can be disassembled or reassembled quickly.



Notable Locations


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