Titles: Father of All Dragons, World Serpent
Symbols: Ouroboros (A snake or dragon eating its own tail)
Domains: Charm, Liberation, Madness, Scalykind, Strength
Followers: Con-artists, hedonists, merchants, prostitutes, rulers, sycophants, the insane
Holy City: Persochet, Naira in Nakhara
Lord Scion: Meretjebu the Derided


  • Beauty Comes From Within.
  • Break Your Chains.
  • Dream Big, Act Boldly.
  • Free Your Heart.


According to seeker faith, Ashrahka was born as a union between Mana and Temporo. The union of the gods of law and chaos divided Ashrahka’s nature and drove him mad. He was largely ignored by both parents in the Second Age. As a result, Ashrahka came to despise the world and seeks to devour it. Fortunately, his madness prevents him from being particularly effective in exacting his desires. Likewise, his passion has waned to ambivalence over the millennia, as he had come to care for mortalkind, but hates the world itself.

It has been said that Ashrahka practices his ability to devour the world by devouring the moon. He can never seem to swallow the moon, however, and slowly spits it back out before trying again.

Ashrahka, who was left alone for much of the Second Age, shaped the Dragons as his companions in emulation of the elemental gods — his parents, aunts, and uncles. His dualist nature and fractured mind crafted the multitudes of dragons such as the evil chromatic dragons, the good metallic dragons, the powerful primal dragons, and the protective imperial dragons.


Ashrahka is invariably depicted as a serpent or dragon.

Divine Intervention

Mental illness is often seen as a blessing or curse from Ashrahka. Love or lust, especially the kind with a tragic end, are seen as Ashrahka’s doing. Ashrahka is said to be the reason for love’s irrationality. Mortals’ love and lust are driven by the Mad God Himself.

Prophecies speak of the day when Ashrahka is finally able to get his jaws around the world, a day when the sun turns black and the sky is darkened by a flight of all dragons.

Church of Ashrahka

Mortalkind worship Ashrahka in a multitude of ways. As befitting a mad god, most people are ambivalent towards a god who seeks to devour the world, but entreat him for assistance nonetheless. The church is decentralized, as their core tenants would not allow them to have a rigid structure or hierarchy. So anyone can claim to be a priest of Ashrahka, so long as they exemplify the tenets of free love, passion, unfettered frivolity and physical perfection.

Many temples offer sexual services or host sporting events, while others house and care for the mentally ill.

They seek out dragons for their wisdom, as the first children of Ashrahka, in times of need or crisis, but are wise enough to bring along something to add to their hoard.



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