Titles: Father of All Dragons, World Serpent
Symbols: Ouroboros (A snake or dragon eating its own tail)
Domains: Charm, Liberation, Protection, Scalykind, Strength
Sects: Amberscales, Children of Tooth and Claw, Courtesans
Followers: Athletes, hedonists, judges, magistrates, merchants, politicians, traders
Holy City: Persochet, Naira in Nakhara
Lord Scion: Nenkhunu the Lovelorn


  • Beauty Comes From Within.
  • Break Your Chains.
  • Dream Big, Act Boldly.
  • Free Your Heart.


According to Seeker faith, Ashrahka was born as a union between Mana and Temporo. The union of the gods of law and chaos divided Ashrahka’s nature and drove him mad. He was largely ignored by both parents in the Second Age. As a result, Ashrahka came to despise the world and sought to devour it. Fortunately, his madness prevented him from being particularly effective in exacting his desires. Likewise, his passion had waned to ambivalence over the millennia, as he had come to care for mortalkind, but hated the world itself.

Ashrahka, who was left alone for much of the Second Age, shaped the Dragons as his companions in emulation of the elemental gods — his parents, aunts, and uncles. The Primal Dragons of Air, Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood Dragons.

In the Third Age, Mana, returned Madness to Temporo, who had inflicted it upon his son as a means of keeping the child occupied. Cured of his insanity, her child could go on to be the protector he was always meant to be. Temporo, on the other hand, hardly notice the change.


Ashrahka is invariably depicted as a serpent or dragon.

Divine Intervention

Ashrahka is love at first sight incarnate. The serpent’s gaze, when one lover is transfixed by another.

Church of Ashrahka

Mortalkind worships Ashrahka in multiple ways, but the cult of the dragon god protect the enslaved, the mad, forbidden lovers, and the weak. Rise up, they shout, strength alone will overcome all obstacles. Do not submit to oppression, when your heart cries to be free. A priest of Ashrahka exemplifies the tenets of free love, passion, liberty and physical perfection.

Many temples offer sexual services or host sporting events, while others house and care for the mentally ill.

They seek out dragons for their wisdom, as the first children of Ashrahka, in times of need or crisis, but are wise enough to bring along something to add to their hoard.



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