The aknai resemble four-armed humanoids with four spider-legs. Their lower arms end in scythe-like claws, while their upper arms are three-fingers hands. They have six-eyes and mouths surrounded by four mandibles. Their back and limbs are bristling with thick hair.

Reproduction is… unusual compared to other species. Rather than direct sexual congress, males produce a web of sperm-drenched sphere and insert it into the female. This gives the aknai complete control over their sexual reproduction like their parent species.

Once fertilized, females will produce about a silk egg sac filled with about 3,000 eggs in about eight days. Producing and expelling this egg sac is fatal in about half of all pregnancies (Fort Save DC 10). Not all 3,000 young are capable of maturation and require sustenance to grow to maturity. As a result, they consume their brethren in order to survive. In the end, the sac is only big enough to hold one or two offspring — both of which are covered in horrific scars from the mandibles and claws of their devoured siblings. These scars give the aknai their unique appearance.

Tragically, the silk around this egg sac is prized for its strength and beauty in making fashion and rope… so some poor aknai will sacrifice their offspring to make ends meet and unethical silk traffickers will kidnap female aknai in order to produce the silk egg sacs. This is effectively a death sentence to the offspring unless they are taken care of by a professional.

Aknai are a subrace of the Bannai, bred as a servile warrior caste.

Aknai are a servile and warrior caste, so their traditions focus on warfare and duty. Notions of honor run strong.

The aknai still maintain that the goddess Mana blessed them when they were created with the purpose of guiding her other children back to the light of devotion. Mana is their ultimate authority, often held in greater prestige even than the bannai do. The protection of holy sites, tending to a flame for as long as possible, adopting lost children and training them in the ways of the warrior, and equal exchange when granted boons and gifts are unique stamps that separate aknai culture from bannai traditions.

Names are usually short with only a few syllables and no gender distinctions.

First Names: Atamai, Erua, Iwa, Kotahi, Mohio, Ono, Oto, Rima, Tekau, Temana, Toru, Waru, Wha
Family Names: Atetoru, Etewhao, Ituatahi, Otuarua, Teiwa, Tewaru, Tuarima, Utuno, Whitu

+2 Str, +2 Wis, -4 Int ( -1 RP): Aknai are strong and perceptive, but are simple.
Type (3 RP): Monstrous Humanoid.
Medium Size (0 RP): Aknai have no modifiers due to their size.
Fast Speed ( – ): Aknai have a land speed of 40 feet thanks to their many legs.
Languages (0 RP): Aknai speak Bannyret.
Other Traits

  • Claws (2 RP): The lower arms of an aknai are vicious claws.
  • Darkvision (-): As monstrous humanoids, aknai can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
  • Multiarmed (8 RP): Aknai have four arms, though only the top two have hands. The lower arms can only use their natural attacks.
  • Quadruped (2 RP): Aknai possess four legs, granting them a +4 racial bonus to CMD against trip attempts.


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